Master Leadership Balance & Fitness

Leadership has the power to make a difference, but it can also be draining. In this video, leadership expert Chris Swanepoel will equip you with the tools you need to achieve leadership balance & fitness. Chris has 25 years of experience helping leaders overcome challenges and make a positive impact.


Brunch with Bailie – AARTO Compliance

Stay informed about the employment implications of the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act (AARTO). Join our labour law expert, Angus Bailie, for a concise discussion on AARTO compliance and its impact on employment relationships. Q&A Session included.


Brunch with Bailie – Parental Leave

The High Court has recently ruled provisions of the BCEA and UIF Act unconstitutional and this will affect who can take leave for the birth of a child and for how long.
Join our labour expert for this free virtual talk as he unpacks this Judgement and it’s impact on the workplace.

For Schools

WhatsApp Policies for Schools

WhatsApp is an effective method of communicating, but what are the risks? In this course, Angus discusses: Legislation and what you can do to ensure that your school is compliant, which WhatsApp policies should be put in place, how to ensure that policies and rules are effectively communicated and more.


Social Media in Schools

This course hosted by Attorney, Angus Bailie, covers the effects of social media on learners, how to effectively manage social media in your school, disciplining learners for social media violations, creating a social media policy for your school as well as four real-life case studies of social media dilemmas in schools.


Brunch with Bailie – Polygraphs

Some see polygraph testing as a valuable tool for ensuring the honesty and integrity of their employees, others are concerned that they are intrusive and unreliable. The use of these tests is often aimed at preventing or solving incidents of theft, fraud, or embezzlement but what are the facts around this contentious topic?


Managing Absenteeism in the Workplace

What effect is absenteeism having on your company’s bottom line? Absenteeism affects company moral as employees who are at work are burdened with additional work. Angus Bailie shares the legal do’s and don’ts around this growing problem.


How to Handle Grievances in the Workplace

As a leader of people, at some point you are likely to be faced with employee complaints and sometimes wonder how to respond. What is best practice when the matter at hand is more serious or if the complaint is ongoing or not valid.


Brunch with Bailie – POPI Regulator

The justice department will have to pay R5-million fine for failing to comply with an enforcement notice issued in May. Watch this interesting discussion around the regulator’s offices recent confirmation that it has issued its first fine for failure to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).


Brunch with Bailie – Harassment

What do you, as an employer do when an employee is reported for inappropriate behaviour in the workplace? There was an interesting article recently where an educator was dismissed for hugging a learner and the dismissal was upheld. What are the implications of this? Where do you draw the line.


Brunch with Bailie – Abusing Sick Leave

Sick leave is a paid period of time off from work that employees can utilise to attend to their medical requirements at home without losing pay. What happens if an employee takes sick leave but uses the time to attend an event. Join our labour law expert for a discussion about this issue and how to approach it.


Brunch with Bailie – Confidentiality

Join Labour Law expert, Angus Bailie, for a discussion around an interesting article on News24 wherein they highlighted a case where a South African Executive sent documents to her Gmail account and now, cannot find employment in the financial services sector again. Watch this interesting discussion for free.


Racism in the Workplace

Equality and Racism is one of the eight focus areas identified by the SARC in order to fulfil its Constitutional mandate of promoting, protecting and monitoring the realisation of human rights. In this course, Labour Law expert, Angus Bailie, discusses how to address racism in the workplace.


Discrimination & The Law

In this course, Labour Law expert, Angus discusses the in’s and out’s of discrimination. When is it fair and when is it unfair – listed, non-listed and arbitrary discrimination. The various forms of discrimination and how you, as the employer, can effectively handle incidents of discrimination.

For Schools

Handling Exemptions

This course deals with exemptions within the public school arena and is ideal if you are a governing body or principal. Together with this course, you will be provided with supporting documentation including the an excerpt from the Schools Act as well as the regulations and policy on exemptions.


Managing Bad Debt – Schools

Are you finding it more and more difficult to collect school fees? Know your rights!
What is best practice for schools when dealing with non-payment? Join our legal expert, Angus Bailie, on this informative on demand course where he will offer practical and easy to follow tips on how to keep a tight ship.


Managing Employees

Facilitated by labour law expert, Angus Bailie, this course offers a high level view of topics such as: Types of dismissal, substantive and procedural fairness, the incapacity process, addressing poor work performance, incapacity due to ill health, Insubordination and Absenteeism. Highly recommended!


Harassment in The Workplace

Everyone has the right to dignity and respect. But, are people taking responsibility for ensuring that this is the case? Do they know what constitutes harassment or do they think that harassment only applies in the form of sexual harassment. Join Angus as he discusses:


Dealing with Resignations

In this course, Angus Bailie will look at how to handle resignations effectively, in a manner that you as the employer can gain an understanding of the reasons why the employee is resigning and identify and deal with any internal issues that may lead to further resignations while ticking all the legal aspects of the resignation.

New Release

Restructuring & Retrenchments

The halls of the CCMA and Labour Court have seen numerous disgruntled employers that have either had to reinstate retrenched employees or had to pay out hefty compensations. Join labour law expert, Angus Bailie as he guides you through best practice when dealing with Restructuring and Retrenchments.

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